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Auto Product Liability

Auto Products Liability

When you buy a car, you have the right to expect that the car will run safely. In the United States, millions of crashes occur annually, so auto safety is extremely important. When the worst happens, you expect your car to function properly, including its safety features.

Unfortunately, not all car companies abide by sufficiently high standards. Defective auto parts can cause an accident or worsen the damage it causes. The result can be damage to the car, serious injury to the driver or passengers, or even death. In recent years, many major auto manufacturers have issued large recalls after it became clear that defective car parts were causing unnecessary, preventable injury to drivers and passengers.

Whether a car part was designed incorrectly or manufactured incorrectly, the people responsible for the defect should be held accountable.

An experienced attorney can help you determine whether you have a claim against an auto manufacturer. If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a defective auto part, we can help.

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We understand how important it is that you feel safe in your car. We can help you explore your options, possibly including financial compensation for injuries suffered. It is important to contact an attorney early to ensure the best possible outcome.

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