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The most common form of collisions in the US is when one vehicle strikes another in the rear. Driver inattention, following too closely or adverse road conditions are some causes of these types of collisions. A rear-end collision is most likely to occur during a traffic jam with stop-and-go traffic because there is less space for drivers to maneuver and a greater chance that drivers will be distracted.

Regardless of the cause, all drivers have the responsibility to maintain a safe following distance between their vehicle and the vehicle they are behind. This is probably the most widely violated safety rule in America. The rule of thumb of one car length for every 10 mph speed is the recommended safe following distance. Under these conditions, it is not surprising that if a driver’s attention is diverted for less than a second, brake lights ahead can be missed. Without a safe stopping distance, disaster can result. A bigger problem exists when the following vehicle is a truck or SUV. With the emergence of texting only adding another additional distraction to drivers to already accompany cell phones, radios, and bad-hair-days, it’s easier than ever to become distracted from the road, lose focus and forget to brake.

Rear End Collision Laws in New Jersey

In the State of New Jersey, a driver who has struck the rear of another vehicle is always presumed to be at fault. When operating a motor vehicle, it is the responsibility of the driver to maintain control of their car at all times. And, as part of maintaining control, they must keep a safe stopping distance away from the vehicle in front of them. Neglecting to stop and rear-ending the car in front of you is indeed a failure to control one’s vehicle.

Accidents with Commercial Vehicles and Trucks

With all of the distractions inside of the car today, rear-end-collisions have become far too common. Nearly a third of all car accidents where someone was killed or injured in the United States involved a rear-end-collision. Commercial vehicles with professional drivers actually were involved in a disproportionate number of rear-end accidents. It may be due to the driver’s extended hours on the road or the nature of the vehicles that they drive, but commercial vehicles accounted for 40% of all rear-end hits, despite making up only 7% of all cars on the road.

Rear-end collisions can result in severe injuries, including:

• Whiplash injuries:These can be extremely painful and can require many months of difficult recovery and rehabilitation.
• Neck and back injuries:These can often be caused by whiplash. It is not uncommon for the victim in a rear-end collision to suffer a herniated or ruptured disc.
• Lacerations
• Broken bones: When the victim is thrown into hard surfaces on the interior of the car, he or she can suffer broken bones, fractures, and strains, particularly in the legs and arms.
• Brain trauma:Rear-end collisions can cause a traumatic blow to the victim’s head, leading to dangerous and scary closed head injuries.
• Airbag injuries:Although airbags typically reduce the risk of injury in a car crash, airbags can actually cause injuries because they deploy with explosive force.
• Death

Rear End Collision Lawyers New Jersey

If you had been involved in a rear-end collision, call the police so a police report can be filed about the accident. Also, you are strongly advised to contact your rear end collision attorneys as soon as the accident takes place. It is also common for many to not feel anything abnormal following the collision, only to find that they have been injured subsequently as pain sets in over the days following the accident. The more you wait, the harder will be for your team of rear end collision lawyers to win your case.

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